Want a farmhouse look without the farm?

Modern farmhouse style is very trendy right now. This theme turns a house into a home, filling the atmosphere with cozy, charming vibes. It’s the perfect mixture of sophisticated and laid back, both of which can impress your guests and also make them feel comfortable enough to cuddle up on the couch. There’s a fine line between achieving farmhouse chic and creating classic country, however. The main difference between the two tends to be the use of accessories; country relies on accent pieces, while farmhouse is more minimalistic.

If you’re struggling to create that modern rustic look and you need a little advice, search no further. Here are a few ways to achieve the look without the need for a full out barn in the backyard:

Incorporate iron accents. From the door knobs and drawer handles to the picture frames on the entryway walls, iron makes the perfect subtle hint at farmhouse decor. Place wrought iron throughout your home to complete this look.

Invest in an apron sink. Deep sinks are both extremely useful and aesthetically pleasing when it comes to farmhouse style. With the right wrought iron faucet, this piece will make the biggest statement in your home.

Take advantage of neutral colors. Neutral colors will help you create that calm and cozy vibe you’re going for. Most modern farmhouses are full of a mixture of cream, beige, silver, sage and gray, and some take the risk of adding one bold hue to the mix to spice things up.

Don’t forget about the shiplap. Can you call a home farmhouse rustic without using shiplap? It’s a beautiful material that can be used to counteract awkward spacial relationships. Shiplap boards can be mounted vertically to draw the eye upward, or horizontally to visually widen a space.

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