Tips for Revamping Your Guest Bedroom

If you’re looking for a new home project to dive into in the new year, why not tackle the guest room? Whether you haven’t given this space a revamp in years or you just like mixing things up as often as the seasons change, the guest room is a gorgeous canvas for showcasing your personality and creativity. Since this is a place you may frequent less often, you may be more inclined to step outside of your comfort zone and design a memorable room that’ll wow your guests every time they come for an overnight stay.

Help your loved ones feel welcomed into your home with open arms by providing a guest room that’s worthy of retreat status. Here are a few simple tips for transforming this room:

Come up with a color scheme. If you want to spice things up, choose a bold color that you’ve always wanted to use but never had the guts to utilize elsewhere. You can take a simple route as well, opting for neutrals with a subtle hint of color in bedroom accents.

Provide comfy, cozy vibes. You want your guests to feel at home when they enter this space. Therefore, you need to make sure it’s a cozy haven. Calming colors like gray, icy blue, neutral green or lavender are perfect for establishing a relaxing vibe. You can use these colors in throw blankets, pillows and other accessories.

Add a natural touch. There’s something ever-so-inviting and refreshing about gorgeous blossoming flowers or lively greenery. If you want to add a natural touch to the guest room, place a vase of freshly-picked flowers on the bedside table. Make things more personal by talking to your guests about their favorite type of flower and place it throughout the room before they arrive.

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