Start Planning Your Patio Setup

Interior Designer WoodburyPatio season is officially on the horizon! Now is the perfect time to start planning your indoor or outdoor patio space. Consider the following tips:

Come up with a patio purpose

What do you want to get out of your patio this year? Do you envision a cozy personal retreat or an entertainment space? Think about how you want to use your backyard and put your plans on paper – creating a blueprint, if you will. This gives you a great look at your project ideas before anything is set in stone.

Choose your focal point

If you’re having trouble coming up with a design theme or deciding how you’ll use your patio, pick a focal point and let the creative ideas flow from there. Think of it as the heart of your outdoor space. Perhaps it’s a lovely bird bath, potted plant or patio furniture. Choosing one beautiful statement piece might be all you need to get the creative juices flowing.
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Decide how you’ll arrange your furniture

Speaking of outdoor furniture, use your purpose blueprint to decide how you’ll arrange your patio pieces this spring. How you plan to use the outdoor space will determine how you place your outdoor furniture. If you’re expecting to entertain regularly, place pieces strategically for easy foot traffic. If you’ll be spending the majority of your time alone, you have more leeway when it comes to furniture arrangement.

Grab accessories in advance

Once you have a clear idea of the patio furniture and setup you’re going to choose, don’t hesitate to start grabbing accessories! Many of your favorite stores likely already have outdoor patio pieces on display, which means you don’t have to wait to start grabbing stuff. Give yourself some relief from the cabin fever and start looking for accessories and statement pieces that’ll complement your patio furniture, theme and setup.

Develop a cleaning schedule

Whether you’re using your patio as an entertaining space – for your friends, family or the kids – or it’s going to become your own personal oasis, you still need to keep it clean and tidy. Start thinking about which day of the week you’ll give the space a quick pick-up, and which day of the month you’ll dedicate to deep cleaning the area. This is also a good time to think about whether you’ll store the patio furniture inside or keep it outside while it rains.

If you want a second opinion on any of your ideas, just contact us! We will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your patio space and design ideas and offer some tips and tricks to create your backyard oasis with ease.

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