Lighting is one of the best ways to add interest and drama to a room.  When it is strategically selected and placed, it highlights, defines, and contributes to the ambience of the space.

Effective lighting makes rooms and outdoor spaces look good.  The quality of the luminous environment can influence task performance, comfort, and well-being.  Lighting can also enhance certain area which emphasize decorative or architectural details that may be important in your home.

Light creates an emotional impact and has the ability to stimulate mood, mind, and energy at both the conscious and the unconscious level.  It is a known fact that Minnesotans need additional lighting in the cold months!

Light is made of just 3 colors – violet, red, and green – all other colors in the spectrum are created through a combination of these 3 colors.  Light and color are synonymous in design and need full consideration when designing rooms so the desired effect is achieved.

When choosing lighting for a room, it is important to consider how natural light affects the space.  The introduction of artificial light created by incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs need strategic placement in the room to meet general, task, accent, or protective or safety lighting needs.  From chandeliers to table lamps, there are many considerations to bring into a plan so lighting effectively enhances the space and provides appropriate lighting for completing tasks without eye strain.

Customizing your home’s lighting plans can be done with a wide range of options of high quality lighting fixtures and lamps that are the right size and fit for your style and needs. Lighting suppliers for Decorating Den Interiors offers you the customized lighting you need for your unique areas.