Accessories & Art

Accessorizing your home with colorful wall art, flowers and vases, dramatic mirrors, textured pillows and throws, and wall coverings is key to harmonizing color, texture, and pattern in a room.  It can also add interest and fill spaces and voids.  Accessories are the finishing touches for your room’s design concept that create a personal touch making your home unique, comfortable, and inviting.

Decorating Den Interiors has a plethora of products to creatively accessorize your home including the following items:

  • wall covering (making a recent, very big comeback)
  • vases, pots, containers of every color and shape
  • pillows and throws
  • mirrors
  • candle holders and sconces
  • clocks
  • shelving units

As your designer, I will use the fundamental design principles such as unity, emphasis, rythm, scale, and proportion to use accessories in creating a design that fits your personality and style.  Accessories can integrate the special items you currently have and want to include within a design plan.