How to Create a Cozy Living Room

Days spent walking through the apple orchard followed by nights relaxing near the fireplace – there’s no denying how tranquil the season of fall can truly be. The natural elements of the great outdoors have a way of calming the senses, which makes getting comfortable on a crisp, autumn day almost effortless. If you want to step it up a notch, there are plenty of ways to create a more cozy living room this fall, all with the help of natural textures incorporated into your home decor and design.
Here are a few natural textures you can add to this cozy space:

Spread faux fur along the sofas
Whether you’re looking for a new set of furniture or want to dress up your current arrangement with throw pillows and blankets, consider utilizing lush faux fur to make your seating spaces more comfortable and inviting.

Accessorize with baskets
This season, give the magazine racks and hollow ottomans a rest. Instead, store your goods in gorgeous woven baskets. This item adds a great element of texture and it’s also very functional and stylish. Be mindful, however, of the color of your baskets – don’t go with white, as this hue could hint at a piece of beach house decor. Rather, stick to the dark shades of brown to flow with the natural theme.


Don’t forget the natural wood
It goes without saying that wood is the ideal finish when creating a space that’s inspired by nature. Whether you invest in a new wooden table, beams or a set of decorative branches, there are dozens of ways to incorporate wood into your space. Just don’t go overboard! Think of it as an accenting element, not the focal point of your decor.

Consider a ‘conversation huddle’ furniture arrangement
Think about all of the wholesome conversation that takes place huddled around the campfire on a crisp, fall night. Let this inspire you to arrange your living room furniture the same way. Use a circular coffee table and place it in the middle of the room to act as the focal point. From there, swap out the traditional rectangular sofa and instead opt for a few swivel chairs for your friends and family to lounge and get chatty around the circle.

So go ahead and start your seasonal transition by contacting us today. We’ll come to your home for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your space, discuss your ideas and provide insight and advice for a cozier living room.

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