Q. Why hire an interior designer/decorator?  

A.  There are misconceptions about what an interior designer does.  Many assume the role of a designer is to make a room look pretty.  That’s only partly true!  There is much more to it than that.  Making a room more functional, oftentimes by creating a different layout, changing traffic flow (which may involve removal of a wall, for example), and using the proper amount and scale of furniture are all pieces of the puzzle for creating a functional and inviting home.  Additionally, coordinating fabrics, furniture, flooring, window treatments, artwork, lighting, and wall color or coverings are all important roles a designer fills.  A designer makes sure there is enough variety and textures in the space to create visual interest along with comfort and style.  To accomplish these objectives, an in-depth interview is conducted with homeowners to create and implement a personalized design plan.  Hiring a designer can save homeowners from making costly mistakes.

Q. I don’t know much about Decorating Den Interiors.  Can you tell me more?

A. Decorating Den Interiors in the largest home decorating franchise in the US and Canada.  For almost 50 years, Decorating Den Interiors has been beautifying homes and businesses.  The company started as a window treatment company but has expanded to all areas of décor for homeowners.  Our LIVV Home Collection of fine furnishings allows designers to choose unique resources to make your home like no other.  Today, uniqueness is the ultimate luxury.  Decorating Den Interior designers also design and decorate commercial properties as well.

Q. Can I use any of my existing furnishings or artwork when hiring a designer?

A. Yes.  Often clients would like to keep current items in the design plan. It may be a new sofa, a special piece of art, or a favorite family heirloom.  Whenever possible, these will be blended into the new design plan.  Keep in mind, though, that if an existing piece is too large or small in scale in relation to the room, or if the client wants a certain look, the item may not fit the plan and may need to find a “home” in another room.

Q. I love watching all the design shows, and shopping for the perfect items for my home is one of my favorite pastimes.  Can I hire a designer just to make sure it all works together?

A. Good for you!  If you are someone who truly enjoys searching for that “just right” lamp, or chair, or piece of art, then you love the thrill of the hunt.  However, to really implement the perfect design plan, the designer must be allowed to use his/her creativity from start to finish.  Just as an attorney wouldn’t allow a client to do part of their job, a designer can’t create the best plan for the home if they don’t have decision-making control over the project.  The client, of course, is involved in every decision and must love any part of the plan before it is implemented.

Q. Will the room or rooms that I want redesigned look like the designer’s style, and not what I really like?  

A.  Your designer should find out what you like, what fits your lifestyle, how a room will be used, what items should be blended into the plan, favorite and least favorite colors, budget and timeline before any design plan is created.  Decorating Den Interiors prides itself in creating personalized plans that fit each client in their own unique way, while ensuring that each room integrates a good balance of all the elements of design.

Q. Do you remodel kitchens and bathrooms too?

A. We are not a general contracting firm, nor are we architects.  However, many of our projects involve renovations which include kitchens and bathrooms.  When hired for these updates, we partner with a team of experts, each bringing their own area of expertise to the project.  We work in conjunction with the contractors, architects, and tradespeople, making sure that the vision we have is carried out in a cohesive and efficient manner.  We will ensure that all the finishing selections fit well together to achieve the homeowner’s objective in the remodeling project.  This will mean that items such as sinks, faucets, lighting, flooring, tile, countertops, cabinets, and hardware blend well into a visually pleasing manner and create a well-functioning room.  We can make recommendations of contractors and professionals if the client needs or work with the client’s selected team.

Q. How do you determine a budget for the project?

A. This is a difficult task for most homeowners.  We assist with this by walking through the home together and discussing the needs of each room – how the room is used, how many people need seating, what items are being kept, etc.  We can give a budget range of good, better, to best so that the homeowner can determine where their investment falls in that range.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. How we charge depends on the type of project.  We discuss this in our first discussion usually on the phone and again when we meet for the first time in your home.  In a nutshell:  If product is being purchased to furnish a room, the design fees are included in the retail price of the products that we specify.  If there are renovations that need to happen, fees are determined based on the number of hours needed to research, design, implement and manage the project.

Q. I’m excited!  When can we start?

A. Great!  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your home, which may be looking and feeling a little tired, will be having new life breathed into it.  Do understand that design in a process.  It’s much more than making a room look attractive, so it does take some time.  From our first phone call to the final decisions, we work with you every step of the way to give you the perfect space.  We coordinate all the selections, ordering, delivery, and installation.  We want the experience to be enjoyable and stress-free.  Call and let’s get started!

Q. I just painted by living room, now I need new furniture.  Can you help with that?

A. Of course!  One thing to consider is that, ideally, if you know your room needs updating including new furniture, it’s best to hold off on painting it until you have your furnishings selected.  There are many more paint colors than there are fabric colors, so it is much easier to choose your furniture first and then coordinate the wall color.  We can help you with planning the steps involved in your home updates that make the most sense.

Q.  My home looks pretty good, but I would like a few pieces to complete the look, like window treatments, wall art over my fireplace, and other accessories.  Can you help with that?

A.  Small projects like this are certainly possible if our time allows.  Call and talk with us about what you have in mind and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can fit in to help you create a finished space.  We are happy to discuss it with you!