4 Window Treatments to Consider this Summer!

As Mother Nature kindly graces us with her presence this summer, it’s time to embrace more sunshine – especially as it shines into your home. This season, why not let the light in with a new set of gorgeous window treatments? The right arrangement can make your space feel more refreshed and cheerful and less stuffy and stale after a long, dreary winter. It might even save you some money on your energy bill.

One small adjustment to your windows can transform the room from floor to ceiling. It’s time to ditch the heavy drapery and opt for something more light and flowy. Consider filling your home with one – or more – of the following window treatment options this summer:

Soft sheers. Since sheer draperies make it easy for natural light to slip through, this option is perfect for that room in your home that relies on artificial lighting. Sheers are great because they can make a serious style statement without looking bulky or taking up too much wall space. Choose sheers in hues that complement the room before making the investment.

Patterned draperies. Patterned draperies can be the perfect finishing touch to your living space. For a subdued effect, you’ll want to select a small-print fabric. If you’re looking to make a bigger visual impact, go for a large print. Patterned draperies are especially popular in a living or family room. Be sure to opt for an on-trend pattern, such as Greek key, ikat, herringbone or a fun, floral print.

Roman shades. If you’re looking to make a bigger presentation of your windows, roman shades make a great choice. This option can be a focal point in the room, acting as another piece of decor. Roman shades are ideal for rooms that get a lot of traffic during the day, as they can block a lot of light if it gets too bright for you and your guests.

Wood blinds. Wood blinds are a classic approach to window treatments, and they can work with any style depending on the paint color, stain or finish you choose. Wood blinds are not only stylish, but they’re also very functional and have the ability to block ample sunlight, so they can help keep your home comfortable and save on your cooling bill.

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